Monday, December 31, 2007

Borescopes -- Everything You Need to Know

Have you ever heard of a borescope? Chances are you've seen them, even if you didn't know what they were called. For example, have you ever seen an engine mechanic using a small-diameter tube, with an eyepiece on the end? In any position the thin, sometimes flexible tube, in strategic locations helps them to get a good look at what is going on inside. These are borescopes.

As you might have guessed, borescopes are commonly used when inspecting machinery. For example, HVAC professionals use rigid borescopes, which have a straight-line barrel, to inspect air conditioning and heat pump components. The advantage of using a borescope is that it often eliminates the need to completely disassemble a machine in order inspect it.

Major manufacturers include Olympus and Hawkeye -- Olympus borescopes and Hawkeye borescopes are industry leaders, and manufacture sophisticated, precision equipment which is used in manufacturing, science and technology, and other industries.

Other Manufacturers such as supplies Quality, Low cost Fiber and Video Borescopes. Such as HandyScopes and PortaScopes. The keyword is affordable!

How to borescopes work? Rigid borescopes, which do not bend, utilize a series of positioned optical lenses to transmit light. There are video borescopes as well, which incorporate the latest video display technology.

On the other hand, borescopes which flex, or bend, utilize a different type of technology -- fiber optics. The fiber-optic filaments used in flexible borescopes allow these models to be bent and moved -- and this is really helpful when various obstacles in the way would prevent the use of rigid borescopes. ProVision borescopes are relatively inexpensive, flexible borescopes which are widely used by mechanics in the automotive field, as well as in other fields.

It is also possible to purchase various types of borescope accessories -- for example, if you will need to use your borescope in the field, you can purchase a battery operated light source for it. You can also purchase specially-designed carrying cases, changeable diameter shafts, couplers for the connection of a camera, etc.

And since borescopes can cost thousands of dollars to purchase new, it is also possible to rent them. Borescope rental companies have sprung up, and they provide a very important service for businesses who could not otherwise afford to purchase a borescope -- or for businesses or industries who only have an occasional need to use one. Borescope rental fees are extremely reasonable, and most borescope rental companies have a wide variety of models to choose from.

An important borescope advance is the development of specialized, PC-based software applications. These specialized programs will allow you to do things like digitally record images, to document your inspections, operate your borescope from a remote location -- some of them will even help you to do your paperwork! Some companies will offer these computerized applications along with your equipment purchase, eliminating the need for an additional, expensive purchase.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

How about using an endoscopic penscope with Skype?

Phil from Skype Journal offers one of the cleverest ideas for using Skype I have seen in a long time. Basically, it would involve hooking up a type of digital pen camera known as the 1800Endoscope 1800USBPS Penscope PenCam to act as a Webcam. Once enabled, the device would be able to show finely detailed objects within Skype video sessions. So let’s just say you are selling coins on eBay. Using your Endoscope, you would be able to pan over the surface of the coin, and present it to prospective buyers in a high-resolution that would be real-time rather than a series of high-res stills that simply evoke more questions from your would-be buyer.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Endoscope Holiday Gifts for the Borescope Enthusiast!

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1800HS Fiberscope

6mm OD x 36in. length. Perfect for getting into those hard to reach places.
Inside walls, air ducts, engine areas, etc.

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Penscope scope pen PenCam Pen Cam USB PEN SCOPE BORESCOPE
1800USBSP Scope Pen Pen Cam

LED lamp and micro camera technology.

It has an auto focus function.

12.2mm outer diameter OD., 14" in length

The resolution is 300,000 pixels

Uses USB 1.1 format, also compatible with 2.0 format.

Screen display controlled through the PC software, record pictures or live

Perfect for close up internal inspection,
90d bends + More!

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NEW 1800USB936

The 1800USB936 will soon become the most valuable tool in your toolbox. Service
technicians have long struggled with conveying information to their customers.
Now, with the 1800USB936 you can take pictures and video of those tough to reach
areas via your laptop PC. The 1800USB936 takes the guess work out of diagnosing
in cramped quarters. You will instill confidence and certitude by not only
providing an explanation but also digital documentation to your customers. The
1800USB936 has LED lamps and micro camera technology. Other features are: 9mm x
36in. rugged interlocking inspection tube, 400,000 pixel resolution, USB1.1 and
2.0 compatibility, and lighting intensity control. The 1800USB936 System comes
complete with state of the art scope, 6 ft. USB cable (also available in 16ft.
length for maximum portability), easy to use software (XP and Vista compatible)
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