Monday, October 22, 2007

Customer Response using 1800USB scope!

Email from actual customer.

Customer wrote:
We had a leak in our shower, suspecting a window with a low sill (across
from the shower heads). There is a small area of wall between the shower
and the exterior of the house. Rather than drill down into the sill
(through the existing waterproofing), we drilled through the wall
(approximately 3 feet) to look below the sill.

With the borescope, we were able to see the plywood on the subfloor along
the way to ensure that it was still dry (fortunately).

Thanks again.

The 1800USB Series of scopes can significantly reduce tear down time and expense. Try one today. Visit us at to learn more about this incredible tool.

Friday, October 19, 2007

New! 1800PS Portable Video Borescope System !

The 1800PS Portable Video Borescope System combines portability with functionality. Unlike other handheld systems, the 1800PS Video Borescope System allows the user to both view and capture video and images. Also, with the 1800PS Video Borescope System, you can transfer those videos or images via SD memory card, video out port, or mini-USB port.
The 1800PS Portable Video Borescope System is completely portable. It has a built-in 3.5" TFT LCD Monitor and bright LED lights. This scope is not for medical use. It is perfect for military, law enforcement, search/rescue and multiple industrial uses.
The 1800PS Portable Video Borescope System is available in several sizes and lengths (including 2-way articulation model).
Scope Specs:
3.5" TFT LCD Monitor
Bright LED Lights
SD Memory Card Slot
Mini USB Port
Video Out Port
Auto Focus
Inspection Tube lengths available: 1 meter, 2 meter, 3 meter (specify length)
Inspection Tube diameter: 6mm.

Monday, October 15, 2007

NEW!! 1800LSP Portable Halogen Light Source

The 1800LSP is a portable, battery operated and rechargeable light source for any fiberscope. With the included shoulder strap you can now take your fiberscope light source into the field. The battery holds a charge for up to 2 hours on one charge. You can recharge the battery with the included wall socket plug or conveniently with the car charger while in transit. The 1800LSP has three strengths of light. Low-Medium-High. At only 8 lbs. The 1800LSP will give you the portability you never had before.
1800LSP specs:
-100 watt
-8 lbs.
-Fits all models of fiberscopes (specify your model)-
Color: White
-Wall plug
-Car Recharger
-Shoulder Strap