Thursday, February 5, 2009

Splashdown probe rules out engine trouble

associated press: US Airways Flight 1549 passenger Jim Hanks first headed toward the back, submerged part of the crashed plane before trying another exit from the aircraft that landed in the Hudson River.

Transportation officials are ruling out an engine control malfunction and are now focusing their investigation on the remains of dead birds found in both engines of the US Airways airbus that ditched into the Hudson River on Jan. 15.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) said Wednesday that an engine surge occurred in the right engine just two days prior to the accident, however the engine recovered and the flight was completed without any further events.

"The NTSB determined that the surge was due to a faulty temperature sensor, which was replaced by maintenance ... following approved procedures," the agency said. "After the engine was examined with a [borescope] and found to be undamaged and in good working order, the aircraft was returned to service."

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on Dec. 31 issued an airworthiness directive on a specific series of turbofan engines, the same type that was on US Airways Flight 1549.

"After examining the engine maintenance records and interviewing relevant personnel, the NTSB determined that all of the requirements of the [directive] were complied with prior to the accident flight," the NTSB said.

During the accident, the flight data recorder revealed no anomalies or malfunctions in either engine up to the point where the captain reported a bird strike, after which there was an uncommanded loss of thrust in both engines, the NTSB said.

Flight 1549 lost power in both its engines just after takeoff from LaGuardia Airport, but Capt. Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger and his co-pilot and crew pulled off a successful crash landing on the Hudson, saving all 150 passengers on board.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Introducing the 1800WPS Wireless Video Borescope Portascope!

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Introducing the 1800WPS Wireless Video Borescope Portascope! WIRELESS UP TO 50 METERS! This changes everything! Super crisp image! 5.5mm distal tip! 1,2,3 meter up to 30 meters!
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Thursday, May 1, 2008

New Micro Borescope 1.7mm ! Smallest Borescope!

1800HMVS CCD Camera specifications;

Insertion Tube:
* Cable Length: 180mm
* Diameter: F01 ; 1.7mm
* I.T. Coating: Nylon
* Waterproof: Insertion tube and tip / same

* View angle: 62 degrees
* Lens: Multicomponent glass
* Image Guide: Plastic 0.75mm 7400 pixels
* Focal distance: 2 to 20mm
* Luminance: F01: 1300 Lx high-intensity white LED

* Image Sensor: ¼ inch es-H2 CCD
* Lens: Special magnifying powered plastic lens
* Video out: NTSC, 1 Vp-p, 75 ohm; cable

* Signal system: NTSC, 1 Vp-p, 75 ohm; video * Synchronizing: Internal synchronizing
* Power Supply: Rechargeable battery (100 min use, 120 min charge
* Weight: 130g (0.3lb)


* Power cable
* 1800VG Video Grabber USB PC
* Video cable
* Battery charger
* Carrying case
* Manual

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Monday, January 28, 2008

Portable Monitor Type Flexible Borescope presents a new revolutionary unit, which offers
operators a video image of the inspection area.

Often we need portable devices for inspection needs. With the help of a new
Portable Monitor Type Flexible Borescope you can discover new possibilities to
inspect areas. This Borescope is equipped with a powerful LED Light Source, 3.5”
TFT display screen, internal CMOS camera chip in the tip. It is able to capture
images and video. Though it is quite compact, this Borescope can perform all
types of remote visual inspections, similar to any traditional industrial
Borescope. Its working length 1 - 30 m, diameter of probe 6.5 mm X 9.8mm. You can change
videoprobes. A bright TFT monitor allows better communicating and understanding
when discussing with your clients about the inspections.

The unit’s 6.5mm outer diameter can easily access small spaces including the
spark plug holes of gasoline or diesel engines. The extra-wide angle camera
takes pictures up to 640x480 resolution. You can save pictures and video of your
inspection areas to SD card. 1 meter 2 way angulation $3499 3 meter $4999 LOWEST PRICES IN THE INDUSTRY FOR A VIDEO BORESCOPE!

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